null Who can obtain access as an external member?

In order to be able to obtain access as an external member, you must carry out a mission for the ULB.
Here is the exhaustive list of recognized missions:

  • Beneficiary of an agreement registered with the HRD
  • Student (from the ULB or not) working in addition to his studies for the ULB
  • Non-staff person who can perform tasks of a staff member (IT consultant, external administrative, Article 60, volunteer, temporary worker, etc.)
  • Student doing an internship at the ULB as part of his studies
  • Person in charge of evaluating the quality of teaching at ULB (auditor / AEQES Expert)
  • Person outside the ULB who supervises ULB students during their internship

People carrying out research work for / in collaboration with the ULB must be recognized as a scientific collaborator or visiting researcher by their faculty in order to benefit from the IT resources of the ULB.

05 Apr 2023 - 16:10:21

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