null What is a project Kick-off meeting?

The Kick-off meeting is the first meeting of a project. This meeting, organized by the Project Leader, marks the end of the organization phase and the beginning of the execution phase.

Its objective is to gather the various stakeholders of the project in order to present the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team, to clarify the objectives of the project and to define the planning.

This meeting allows for instance:

  • encouraging the involvement of all the protagonists by establishing a climate of trust;
  • communicating in a simple and clear way on the essential points of the project;
  • ensuring that everyone receives the same information
  • creating a positive dynamic;
  • setting the execution plan.

The Kick-off should be organized once your Project Charter has been approved by the PMO, before actually starting the execution phase.

The main steps of this meeting are:

  1. Presentation of the project;
  2. Reminder of the context and presentation of the objectives, stakes and benefits;
  3. Description of the main phases;
  4. Definition of the schedule;
  5. Presentation of the team: roles and responsibilities;
  6. Identification and management of risks;
  7. Definition of the internal and external communication plan;
  8. Planning of the next meetings.


27 Feb 2023 - 17:33:59

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