null QuIdAM: how to get your questions answered as soon as possible?

A team in charge of QuIdAM operational management was created in early 2022. The IAMOs - or Identity & Access Management Officers - who make up this team, come from different departments within the DI, and put all their energy into responding to users' requests and improving existing procedures. At the same time, the team in charge of the QuIdAM project continues to deploy QuIdAM solutions. 
  • Request for access/habilitations for external persons > submit the request to the IAMOs via the ULB Support form, following the ad hoc procedure: I am a staff member. How to get access to ULB digital resources for an External Member?  

  • Problem related to a user's ULB account, login/password > contact the 1st line helpdesk via the ULB Support form or by email via  

  • Request related to a user's access/permission or identity > contact the IAMOs via the ULB Support form or by email via   

  • Request related to the connection of your application to QuIdAM > contact our connection drivers via 

  • A question about the QuIdAM project and its future developments > contact the project team via

Our teams do everything possible to answer you as soon as possible but cannot guarantee any delay for erroneously directed requests. Please do not hesitate to communicate this information around you. Thank you for your interest!
05 Dec 2022 - 14:17:53

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