null What is the difference between a statement, a certificate and a degree?

There are different types of attestations/statements. Some attest only the attendance to a training and, where appropriate, to its assessment and its corresponding level. In this case, they grant no credit. Others attest to the success of a cycle, the acquisition of credits, etc. What is common to all is that they confer no academic degree.

The certificate, like the statement, does not confer any academic degree, but it certifies the successful completion of a training organised by an institution of higher education which is at least 10 credits worth. It grants the associated credits and the corresponding level.

The degree, on the other hand, attests to the success of studies and grants at the end of a cycle an academic degree. It is issued free of charge and a diploma supplement goes with it.

18 Sep 2019 - 11:46:42

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