null IT project management: what are the roles/responsibilities to assign to my project team?

A balanced distribution of expertise and responsibilities within the project team is one of the keys to success. Each person ensures that the tasks within his or her area of responsibility progress effectively.

In small projects, several roles can be cumulated by one person.

Sponsor > its role is essentially political. He/she ensures that the project is well represented in the University's authorities, chairs the Steering Committee, advises and supports the Project Leader in case of difficulties;

Project Leader > Throughout the execution and hand-over phases of the project, he/she defines the priorities and, during regular team meetings (min. 1/week), ensures the distribution and follow-up of the tasks through a task management file. He/she reports to the project monitoring and steering bodies;

Technical Leader > He/she takes the lead on the integration process of the chosen solution, ensures the follow-up of the tasks of the technical consultants as well as the respect of the architectural and security standards of the ULB. He/She ensures that the necessary work environments (dev, test, prod) are available and, if necessary, upgraded during the project. The Technical Leader reports to the Project Leader;

Technical Staff Member > The size of the technical team varies depending on the importance of the project and its priority level. Developers/engineers report to the Technical Leader;

Functional Leader > He/she defines the persons to be interviewed within the framework of the needs gathering and ensures the formality of the interviews (sending of a report/meeting minutes to the participants). He/she takes the lead on the design of both functional and technical processes (BPMN) and ensures the creation of models when required. Finally, he/she ensures the good coordination of the tests and participates actively in the organization of the hand-over. The Functional Leader reports to the Project Leader;

Business/Functional Analyst > He/she assists the Functional Leader in the tasks within his/her area of responsibility;

Tests Coordinator >He/she supervises the writing of test scenarios, based on the process BMPN, and takes an active part in them. He/she coordinates the tasks related to the tests and ensures their proper organization;

Testers > Business testers conduct pre-production tests according to the project team's instructions. Their role is essential and allows them to correct bugs/errors before going into production;

Communication Officer > The Communication Manager assists and advises the Project Leader in the organization of the Change Management related to his project: kick off, news, presentations, demonstrations, FAQs...

In projects of reasonable size, communication is often handled by the Project or Functional Leader;

Account Officer > the management of the budget is typically done by the Project Leader himself.

In largescale projects, it may be useful to assign this function to the competent person.

22 Mar 2023 - 09:39:46

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