How do I change my personal / recovery email address ?

  1. Connect to My ULB
  2. In the upper right corner of the window, pull down the menu located under its name;
  3. Click on My ULB account;

  4. In the personal / recovery email block, click on the Modify recovery email button;

  5. Enter your password and click on Next;

  6. Enter your personal / recovery email address (this address must be personal to you, cannot be linked to a shared mailbox - with a spouse or colleague, for example - and cannot be an address). Click on Edit your email

  7. A confirmation message is displayed, confirming the request to change the personal / recovery email;

  8. Open the ULB email entitled Verification of the email address, received at his personal address;

  9. Click on Start verification
  10. A confirmation message appears; 

  11. Go back to My ULB account and check that the modification has been made;


An email titled A person added your address as a personal / recovery email address will be sent to your ULB email address if you have one as well as to your personal / recovery email address.

14 Mar 2023 - 14:33:00

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