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How to install and run Microsoft Endpoint Protection on MacOS ?

Dear Mac OS users, please note that you should always  keep your Mac to the latest version of Mac OS (see the table here). If not possible please use one of the maintained versions. If you cannot keep your Mac up to date, our support service will not be able to help you in case of problem.

Prerequisites: Have 650 MB of disk space and be user of a workstation accessing ULB IT resources.

Defender ATP is actually active in protection mode if it is alone, if there is any other solution then it is active in "reporting" mode.  
The IT support service of the central administration is working to automate the installation of software to the widest possible number of workstations and servers. When the automatic installation of Windows Defender ATP on MacOS will be possible, this manual procedure will be replaced by a simpler procedure. The following manual procedure is functional.
  1. Follow the link Sharepoint;

  2. Download the installation package "wdav.pkg"; 

  3. Download the onboarding script "";
  4. Access the file "wdav.pkg" and open it. Click on "Continue"; 
  5. Select "Continue" ; 
  6. Accept the terms of the license by clicking on "Accept" and continue by selecting "Continue" ;
  7. Click on "Install" ; 
  8. Insert your password and select the button "Install the software" ; 
  9. The installation is successful, click on "Close";
  10. Open the terminal and type the order "cd ~/Downloads";
  11. Execute onboarding script using the command xattr -d /Downloads/
  12. Execute onboarding script using the command sudo bash -x;
  13. In some cases it is necessary to restart your computer before moving on to the next step. 
  14. Once finished, type the command "mdatp health --field org_id" to verify the smooth running of the installation. The result should display a suite of numbers and characters (example : "00876991-fff6-4545-a291-f7c07a1e58e8). If the result displayed is "null", Please contact the computer support;
  15. In the menu bar at the top right of your Mac select the bladon "Windows Defender ATP" and click on "Open Microsoft Defender ATP" ; 
  16. Once the application is open, click on "Analysis Options" ; 
  17. Check "complete analysis";
  18. Click on "Analyze Now". 
Note : In order for Microsoft Defender ATP to protect the device entirely, it must be granted access to certain locations of the disc (desktop, documents, etc.). To do this: Go to "System Preferences"> "Security and Privacy"> Insert your password> Click on "Unlock"> Click on "Unlock" Insert Password or Unlock with Apple Watch> Select "Full Disk Access And check the box corresponding to "Microsoft Defender ATP".
If this product is not installed on your workstation, you may not be able to access some of these resources. 
11 Aug 2023 - 15:21:41

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