How to install and run Microsoft Endpoint Protection on Windows ?

Prerequisites: use a Windows 10+ (Professional, Enterprise or Education) workstation accessing ULB IT resources.
Defender ATP is actually active in protection mode if it is alone, if there is any other solution then it is active in the "reporting" mode. 
It is therefore mandatory to de-install / remote any other antivirus protection before installing MDATP
Also refer to the pages listed under this articles if you need information on how to install Microsoft EndPoint Protection on Mac Os X or Liniux.
Get the Microsoft Defender ATP using this Sharepoint link (Microsoft 365 authentication required)
  1. Open the Sharepoint linkCheck that Windows ATP is not already installed by default on your machine. To verify that Windows ATP is installed and operational, press the key Windows + R

  2. Enter"cmd" then select "OK";

  3. Encoder "sc query sense". If the result is "STATE : 4 RUNNING", The installation is complete

  4. If the result is different, download and execute "W10-WindowsDefenderATPOnboardingScript.cmd" (Right click and select "Run as administrator") and repeat steps 1 to 3

  5. Right click on Defender ATP icon and select "Run Quick Scan"

  6. Click on "Options d'analyse"

  7. Select « Analyse complète » and click on "Analyser maintenant".

If this product is not installed on your workstation, you may not be able to access some of these resources. 


11 Aug 2023 - 15:21:39

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